Materiały tapicerskie


Toccare is inspired by Italian culture and design. The concept of the brand – Fashion Your Home – anticipates the introduction of Italian fashion design into homes all over the world, not only into wardrobes. In Toccare we do not like limitations. We want to show that a couch, being often a center of a family life, can be “fashionably dressed” too.

In Toccare we respect a Customer. His need to surround himself with beautiful and at the same time practical things. His need for knowledge.

We are not only brand that offers fabrics. Apart from perfect product we are the first to offer something more – initiation into the world of furnishing, color and texture scheme, tends in interior designing.

Because it is fun to share things which please us.

Our fabrics

Our offer is multidimensional. We offer diverse types of fabrics in varied colors, that is why our products are addressed to different needs and customer tastes. Our managers constantly research market so that Toccare has been invariably a synonym of current trends and practicality. Our fabrics undergo series of tests whose aim is to certify their abrasion resistance, color fastness to rubbing and light or tensile strength. In Toccare we do not compromise. Our homes are not museums where exhibits are supposed only to look good. Toccare fabrics are distinguished by the look, yes, but also by quality and functionality.

Toccare fabrics – for whom?

Everyday we have to make choices.

Between avant-garde design and functionality. Between expensive, advanced technology and cheap counterparts definitely of inferior quality.

In Toccare we create fabrics for people like us. People who do not know the word compromise. Our fabrics do not only look sensational, but also (and maybe most of all) prove in everyday life.


In Toccare we surround you with things which are pretty and make life easier. Thanks to this, after coming back home, you can fully relax and feel freedom of life without limitations. Without stains and dirt.

In Toccare we do not know the word ‘compromise’. Fashion Your Home concept is a synergy of quality, design and functionality.


One of Toccare key values is respect. We want to show respect for our customers, giving them perfect pattern-designing and quality in affordable price. All Toccare suppliers have to meet our standards in order to guarantee that our products are being manufactured with respect of human rights and natural environment. Our experience is an invaluable benefit for our suppliers. We cooperate only with a few chosen suppliers who, just like us, value high quality. We work together on development of competences and production processes.